We serve denture patients from all areas of Vancouver Island

Denturists are Denture Specialists - you do not need a referral from another health professional to consult with a denturist.  We currently have denturists serving the Nanaimo, Parksville/Qualicum and Port Alberni areas. A denturist can refer you to other health care professionals. At Pacific Denture Centre, we fabricate your prosthetics on premises, ensuring quality control and care.


If your current dentures are five years or older, they may need replacing. Ask us for a complimentary assessment of your current dentures. Replacement dentures can improve your health and appearance.



Denturist fees may be covered by various dental plans, a pre-authorization of your private dental insurance can be done before the start of any treatment to see how much your insurance will cover. Coverages will vary between different insurance companies and individual plans. It is important to understand the details of your insurance and understand that the denturist fee guide does not always match the amount that your insurance company has allotted to pay you. You are responsible for any amount that your insurance will not cover.


At Pacific Denture Centre, our fees are congruent with the fee guide set out by the Denturist Association of British Columbia, and we will always provide you with a detailed treatment plan outlining all of your options and associated fees.


Please note that some of the information contained in this page has come directly from the Denturist Association of British Columbia's website which you can view by clicking the icon link below.

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