It's time we reduce our carbon footprint.


Pacific Denture Centre is taking big strides to protect and care for the environment. We are among the first clinics in British Columbia to redirect specific production waste from landfills to be repurposed for future use. 


Our team uses large amounts of a stone material called gypsum. This stone is used to imitate the shape of your mouth while our lab specialists process your denture. Once the process is complete, the stone is broken apart and disposed of. From clinics on Vancouver Island, this disposal has led to an estimated 45 tonnes of waste per year!


Our new recycling program redirects this material from the landfill and allows the gypsum stone to be broken down and repurposed into drywall. Our office will recycle an estimated 1.21 tonnes of gypsum in our first year – that’s enough for over 2,000 square feet of drywall! 


Repurposing production waste is just the beginning, though. Pacific Denture Centre is working to make this the new industry standard. We're encouraging support from the Denturist Association of BC, as well as all Accredited Denturist schools in Western Canada to instill these practices within all new and existing Denturist practices. We hope that the changes we make now create a better future for generations to come.